About us

Picture of Spence Cater

Hi, I am Spence. I am a professional musician.

I started The Prosperous Musician primarily as a podcast to interview people in the music industry who I thought were prosperous and successful in their own way.

As I talked to more people I realised that I also had a story to share about my journey from teacher, coach, and street performer to prosperous musician.

What is a prosperous musician?

I hope to answer this more fully as we go along.
But first, I would like to give you some more context as to how I arrived here.

I also became more interested in marketing and how working musicians can increase their visibility and income by learning and using both old and new marketing techniques and strategies.

Because of this, I chose to make The Prosperous Musician a resource for other musicians.

To inspire, educate and support them to survive and thrive in this exciting, challenging and ever changing music industry.

Along the way, I have gone through huge obstacles which had mainly to do with mentality and attitude.

You see I started late as a musician. I didn’t start performing full time until I was in my 40’s!

Since I was a young boy I had been fascinated by music and the power it possesses, I played in bands and hung out on the Open Mic scene.

But it was always a serious hobby, I always had a day job running parallel. I never thought I was good enough to make a living as a musician.

That is, until I was laid off from my day job and began busking.

I vividly remember that first time I received a tip from a passerby, it was an epiphany, I realised that I could do this I could make a living and from that day I pursued that vision.

Since that memorable day, my own original music has been played on national radio, in corporate videos and ads, on NBC, on both the east and west coasts of the United States.

I’ve crowdfunded an album, busked around Europe, and now I perform as a troubadour in Norway and Scandinavia every week in front of hundreds of people.

The vision for The Prosperous Musician is that we want to inspire, educate, and support other people to follow their musical dreams and go from starving artist to prosperous musicians.

We aim to do that by inspring talks with other people who are thriving today in the music business, educating by sharing practical marketing strategies that work in today’s music scene and supporting people in their transition from a day job to full time musician through one-on-one and group coaching.

So, what is a prosperous musician?

I believe it is someone who is committed to continuing to learn, evolve, and share their process. Its someone who makes their living through music, whether thats playing, teaching, producing, performing, or all of the above.
It’s someone who knows that they must share their love of music in as many ways as possible and support those who are just starting out.

They know the only person they are in competition with is the person who they were yesterday.

We invite you to walk with us on this journey from starving artist to Prosperous Musician.

Be Prosperous!