Do you dream of hitting 1 million Spotify streams?

Was your 2022 Spotify Wrapped something you were totally embarrassed about sharing or where you proudly posting it everywhere?

Well, if it was the former then you might be thinking 2023 is the year you want to get the kind of Spotify streams that would earn you some bragging rights.

Lots of musicians I know and talk to are looking to get more streams on Spotify and hit that million mark?

If you want to do it right, without just buying streams like a lot of artists I see It’s a tough goal, but with the right strategies and some luck, it’s totally possible.

Just to be totally transparent here, this is something I haven’t personally achieved.

Spotify is something I haven’t focused on however, I do know someone who has.
He is a rapper called Dorian who is an excellent music marketer and teacher, with over 1 million streams and over 250k YouTube subscribers.
I personally believe he has some of the best training specifically on how to build your streams to over a million on Spotify.

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Here’s just  a few tips that I have learned from his training, if you want to know the real secret sauce, you’ll have to take his course!

  1. Make sure your music is fire.

This means investing in good equipment, working with experienced producers and engineers, and putting in the hard yards to perfect your craft.

Only spend what you can afford, Iam not encouraging you to go into debt here.

There are many ways you can access some top equipment and talent that don’t cost the earth.

Work with students or some libraries offer recording equipment, skillswap or just do your research.

Investing gradually in some new equipment and building up your studio could be a great investment, allowing you to spend more time perfecting your sound and releasing more music.

2. Optimize your Spotify profile.

Use the highest quality photos you can afford, write a clear and concise bio, and use relevant keywords in your tags and descriptions. Get it all checked by someone who is either professional proof reader or copywriter.

Pictures and words are often the very first things people will see of you, so make them the best you can afford.

An artist I know took some sick shots, just with his iPhone and made a really cool banner for his profile, and it helped him get a lot more plays on his tracks.

Remember the Spotify bots are assessing your profile for quality images as well as music.

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3. Utilize social media to your advantage.

This is so obvious and yet so hard to do for many artists.


Because although promoting your music and engaging with your audience on platforms like Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook is free, it takes a huge amount of time, focus and consistency to gain any traction.

It’s so easy to get distracted by the latest new platform or hack that most end up getting impatient, frustrated with lack of growth and start throwing money at paid ads or buying followers to stay in the race.

Then when that doesn’t work they just give up, despondent and disillusioned with the poor results.

However, just starting off with one platform and going all-in with consistent, high quality content until they start getting a solid, real fan base of at least 10k fans is the most profitable and sustainable way to build up your streams and your income.

4. Collaborate with other artists.

This is the step that I see a lot of new artists miss out.

Done right it can really help you reach new audiences and exponentially increase your streams on Spotify.

Look for musicians in your genre or similar styles and see if they’d be interested in working on a track together.

The best thing about this is the sheer potential of being able to collaborate with artists from all over the world not just I’m your local community.

The same applies to TV talent shows, even if you just got to the 1st or 2nd round, the increase in exposure can massively boost your followers overnight.

Grace Askew, a country artist I interviewed on the podcast did exactly this and gained thousands of new followers by appearing on the Voice.

If you have your platforms set up correctly and your Spotify account optimised these new followers can be converted into paying fans and streams.

5. Get on to Spotify playlists.

These seem to be the holy grail to many artists and for good reason.

Get yourself on a big editorial playlist and you could literally be an overnight success in terms of number of streams.

The simplest and most direct route is to reach out to playlist curators and submit your tracks for consideration.

Just look at the playlist your interested in and search for their email.

Don’t expect instant results here but again, if you have followed the previous steps to the best of your ability then you hugely increase your chances of getting accepted.

You can also create your own playlist and promote it to your followers.

An artist I know made a playlist of her favorite tracks from up-and-coming artists and shared it with her followers, and it helped a lot of her friends get more streams on their tracks too.
Just remember the hardest part of all this isn’t producing the music or all the creatives; it’s staying focused, being consistent, being very patient, changing your mindset to one of slow and steady progress, and having an obsession like commitment to keep working hard on improving your craft and growing your audience, even if it’s just one fan or a few extra streams a day.

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With a little bit of luck and a lot of hard work, you can achieve your goals and become a successful artist on Spotify!

Be Prosperous,


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