8 Ways To Make Money As A Musician

Making money is art and working is art and good business is the best art – Andy Warhol

Making music is fun, making money is great, making money from music is great fun!

If you’re a musician and are stuck for ideas on how to turn your passion into profits then here’s a guide to give you a kick in the ass to try some of these ideas to make an extra 10k.

  1. Busking -Tones & I started off busking and quickly scored a global smash hit with Dance Monkey, which is about…Busking! Ed Sheeran, Rod Stewart and Tracey Chapman all started off playing on the streets. If you want to know more and get started quickly yourself then check out Busking for Beginners. 
  2. Teach Music – You don’t have to be the best musician ever. You just need to know a bit more than your students. I’ve found teaching people to play their favourite songs on guitar was a fun way to earn some extra money. Advertise your services here:
  3. Join a Military Band – ATTENTION! If you are a trained musician who can read music and play an orchestral instrument then this is a great way to get paid, see the world and play some huge events. 
  4. Enter a songwriting competition – There are a lot of song competitions to choose from. Some of them may have decent cash prizes. You will need to pay to enter. If you win then you’ll get the prestige as well as the money! Enter your best song here!
  5. Do a house concert tour – If you’re a singer/songwriter or in a duo then this type of gig can be lucrative. You play to a rapt audience who will likely buy your merch and offer you a meal and bed for the night. Plan your tour here.
  6. Sell your beats online – Are you a budding producer? Why not sell those beats that you have cluttering up your hard drive? There are many vocalists and lyric writers who would love to work with you. Try it out here.
  7. Manage a local band – Maybe you don’t play or write songs but love hanging around with musicians and have a good head for business? Find an upcoming local band and guide them towards stardom. Read this to get started.
  8. Go Cruising – Working as a solo musician or as part of a band on a Cruise ship is a great way to see the world and build up your skills. Journey starts here

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